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Kids Dentistry

Remember how excited you were when your baby had his/her first teeth! Or, when your kids’ first tooth fell out. There are important milestone and memories for both you and your child. We at Zero Cavity have answered some frequently asked questions regarding kids’ dentistry below

When should a child have their first visit to the dentist?

The most recommended age by the dentist worldwide is by age of 1 or within six months after the first tooth erupts. Milk teeth usually begin growing at around 6 months of age.

Can I take my child to a regular dentist or do I need a special dentist?

You can take your child to your regular dentist or to a Pedodontist. A pedodontist is a dentist who is specialized in treating the children, infants, adolescents from age 0-12 yrs. Certain general dentist also with special training can treat kids well. There might some complexity of the case or if the child is not very co-operative, that time your general dentist will involve the Pedodontist as well.

Baby teeth fall out, is there a necessity to take special care of them by going to see a dentist?

Yes, even though baby teeth aren’t permanent but they play an important role in their development. While the baby teeth are in place, these teeth help your little one to speak, smile and chew properly. Most importantly they are holding the space for the permanent teeth in their jaw. So if the teeth are lost early due to any reason such as decay or damage the nearby tooth can shift to that place which results in crooked or misaligned permanent teeth. And also the general health of a child is very much affected by their oral health.

Does thumb sucking habit harm teeth?

Sucking on their thumb and fingers is a very common habit for many children of young age, but most of them grow out of this habit as they grow old. This doesn't usually affect how permanent teeth erupt. But if they continue sucking after permanent teeth have erupted, there is a chance that they might have crooked teeth or overbite. Let your dentist know so they can check and see if the habit may cause any problem in future. If the habit extends beyond 4 years consult your dentist.

At what age is it appropriate for a child to use toothpaste and how much should a child use?

Once the child starts to have a few teeth you can try using the toothpaste. Only a tiny amount should be used for cleaning. For children of age 3 years or less use paste about the size of rice grain. For children of 3-6 yrs use paste about the size of PEA. Always be sure to choose toothpaste that is non-fluoride in nature as children usually tend to eat the toothpaste or try to swallow it while brushing and too much fluoride can cause teeth to stain. You should brush your child’s teeth until they are ready to brush properly on their own that maybe by 6-7 years of age.

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