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Basal Implants

If you have diabetes or have low bone jaw bone density it is possible that regular dental implant might not be an option for you. But at Zero Cavity we have an option of Basal implants which might help you achieve the oral functions and smile that you want.

What are Basal Implants?

Basal implants are dental implants that go deep into a very hard part of jaw bone called the cortical bone, for implant retention.

How are Basal implants different from Conventional implants?

Conventional implants gain anchorage from the crestal portion of jaw bone; this bone is comparatively softer than basal bone & is prone to resorption. Once the natural teeth are removed, there is slow bone loss.
Whereas Basal implants gain anchorage from Basal bone is which is harder than other bones in the jaw and less prone to resorption.

Are Basal implants safe?

Yes, Basal implants are safe

Are Basal Implants painful?

Basal implants are almost painless with minimum post-operative pain as treatment is done flapless.

What are the advantages of Basal implants?

  • It is almost painless
  • Since it is done flapless, ideal for patients with higher age and diabetes
  • Minimum healing period
  • There is no risk of peri-implant it is since basal bones are less prone to infection.

How long do basal implants last?

Like any other dental implants, the basal implant’s success rate highly depended on the experience of dental surgeons and the material and brands used. Ideally, basal implants last for a lifetime and the longevity is highly dependent on the post-operative maintenance and regular checkups.

How long does it take to complete a Basal dental implant?

It takes around 72 hours / 3 days. Yes Basal implants are also popular by name teeth in three days or Immediate loading implants or Permanent teeth in three days.

Can I start eating normally from Day1 of getting Dental implants?

Yes, you can start enjoying your food from day1; however it is advised to avoid very hard food like nuts/ dry fruits for the initial 3 months.

Are Basal Implants better than conventional implants?

Both Basal implants and conventional implants are different from each other and are equally good. We cannot compare both of them. Whether you go for basal implants or conventional is for your dentist to suggest depending on your condition

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